Senin, 14 Desember 2015

Reporter is part of a literature

IN 1999 , shortly BEFORE Hugo Chavez Frias Officially sworn AS Elected President of Venezuela , Gabriel García Márquez interviewed in differences Aircraft hearts KE flights from Havana to Caracas . As they talked , sang Nobelis From Colombia ITU encounter Personality A picture that does not match wrongfully The molded Media Posted . Puisi There is a prayer Chavez . Which is true ? This is the profile of President Yang SIGN Military sing that can play baseball , Can chanting poetry - the poetry of Walt Whitman Neruda OR -luar head , And Who Died in contact with cancer at the age 58 years .

President Carlos Andrés Pérez down that afternoon from behind the plane that brought him from Davos, Switzerland, and was surprised to see the Minister of Defence, General Fernando Ochoa Antich, waiting on the runway. "What?" He asked curiously. Puisi Cinta The minister assured him with reasons to be believed that the president did not go to the Miraflores palace but to the presidential residence in La Casona. He had just fallen asleep when the Secretary of Defense the same wake him by phone to inform about a military uprising in Maracay. He had just arrived in Miraflores when artillery shells which first began to erupt.

That day on 4 February 1992. Colonel Hugo Chávez Frias, someone who makes the historical dates as sacramental cult, led the attack from the emergency command post at the Museo Histórico de La Planicie. President understands that its resources are the sole support of the people, then he went to the studio venevisión to speak to the whole country. Puisi Cinta Twelve hours later a military coup failed. Chávez surrendered, on condition that he be allowed to speak before the people on television. Colonel young creole, with beret paratroopers and shrewdness speechless, claimed responsibility for the movement. His speech was a political victory. He curled two years in prison before being granted clemency by President Rafael Caldera. And a handful of his many supporters believe that public recognition Chávez is the first speech of the election campaign that would make it sits as president of the republic less than nine years later.

President Hugo Chavez Frias told this story to me in the Venezuelan Air Force plane that took us from Havana to Caracas two weeks ago, when he was still 15 days constitutionally elected as Venezuelan president by popular vote. We introduced three days earlier in Havana, during his meeting with President Castro and President Pastrana, and the first thing that impressed me was the strength of the concrete body. He exudes friendliness and flexibility creole instantly from a pure Venezuela. We try to see each other again, but because there is no chance, then we went to Caracas together in order to discuss the life and miracles on the plane.

Nice experience for a reporter who was tirah. As he told me about his life, I started to have a personality that did not fit with the image of a despot built by the media. Chávez is another. Which of the two are real?

Strong arguments to oppose it during the campaign period was not long ago that his past as a conspirator and coup mastermind. However, Venezuela's own history over the years filled with more than a handful of such figures. Kata-kata Bijak Originally was Rómulo Betancourt, who is remembered with the right or wrong as the father of Venezuelan democracy, the overthrow Isaias Medina Angarita, a former military democrats are trying to clean the country of the 36-year reign of Juan Vicente Gómez. Betancourt successor, the novelist Rómulo Gallegos, was dropped by General Marcos Pérez Jiménez, who has held power in Caracas for almost 11 years. He, in turn, was overthrown by a generation of young democrats who started the longest round of presidents elected today.